Cockpit Series – Trick or Treat

Please enjoy this short tale with parents, Harvey and Caroline Parker.

Cockpit Series is about six siblings that are billionaire pilots who own an elite charter airline.


“I’m not doing it.” Harvey shakes his head, and I pass him a frown. 

“Why not? It could be fun.”

“Caroline, the couple’s massage we had was fun. Dinner in that little Italian place was fun. This is just weird.”

“Don’t you want to know what’s around the corner for us, though?”

“Not really,” he counters, still fighting my great idea. 

“Come on. We haven’t done something like this before. I think we should give it a chance. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“It could tell you something bad, and then you’ll get all freaked out about it.”

“I don’t think they’re allowed to tell you anything bad. Shiloh has been to a clairvoyant before, and I’m sure she said there were rules about what they can and can’t share.”

“So, what you’re telling me is, we’re going to pay someone hard earned cash, and she might not actually tell us anything of importance anyway?”

“It’s not about her. You pick the cards, and she tells you what each of them mean.”

“You’re really into this, aren’t you?”

“Like I said, I think it could be fun.” I shrug my shoulders. It feels like ages since we did anything different, and every now and then it’s good to try something new. 

“Okay, let’s do it,” he relents as he rolls his eyes, but I detect a smile lurking in there somewhere. I land a soft kiss on his lips. The fact that he would agree to pretty much anything if he thought it would bring pleasure to my life, makes me the happiest woman in the world. 

A short while later, we’re sitting in front of a woman wearing a paisley headscarf with hoop earrings as big as the moon. 

“Would you like to go first?” she asks Harvey, and I half expect him to back out. He calls things like this mumbo jumbo. Astrology, spiritual healing, fortune telling, they just aren’t his thing. 

“Sure,” he replies. I don’t react when he passes me a sceptical smile.

“Okay, I want you to think of a question. This should be something that’s on your mind. Maybe, a question you’ve wanted to know the answer to for a long time.”

“Alright, I have one,” he responds. 

“Now, when the time feels right, I want you to pick three cards. These will represent your past, present, and future. Please only choose a card if you are sure.”

“How do I know which ones to pick?”

“Let your energy connect to the card. Allow the natural connection between yourself and the card. In many ways, it may feel as though the card is choosing you. Take your time. There is no rush. Focus on your breathing and your relationship with the space around you.”

The fact that he doesn’t get up and walk out of the room at this point astounds me. Instead, he reaches forward and picks three cards, and the reader places them face down on the table. 

“I’m going to first look at your future. Woosh.” She sucks in a breath as she flips the first card over. “You’ve chosen the Ace of Wands. It’s a difficult card. This shows you’re feeling oppressed and exhausted. You have too many responsibilities presently, and you may feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

I swallow down a thick lump that’s formed in my throat and resist the urge to say anything. Harvey has been working far too hard lately. Even though, he is supposed to be winding down and letting the kids take over the business. 

“Moving into your present, you’ve picked out the Lovers card.” Harvey’s eyes dart to mine, and I stifle a grin. These two interlocking hands indicate sexuality, passion, choice, and uniting.

He arches a brow while I let out a giggle, feeling embarrassed as soon as it escapes my lips. The card reader continues in her gentle, soothing tone.

“Finally, let’s take a look at your future.” She flips Harvey’s final card. “Interesting. The Queen of Pentacles. This card represents health, both in the mind and body, as well as financial health. There will be a sense of calm in your future. Does any of this resonate with you?”

Harvey flashes me a grin as I silently plead with him not to say the middle card certainly does.

“Sure. I definitely want good health in my future.”

“Have you got any questions about the cards? It is good to take some time to reflect on your choices. Shall we look at Caroline’s now?”


My wife is bursting with excitement, I can tell. Even if the whole thing is a bunch of baloney, I can’t argue with the middle card. Passion and uniting are exactly what I’ve got planned for tonight.

With her blonde hair curled and peachy pink lipstick coating her kissable lips, I can see she’s made an effort for me. She always did on our date nights, and I love her more for it. Guilt washes over me as I watch her pick out her cards. Over the last couple of years, my airline has grown exponentially, and although my kids have done an amazing job holding the fort, business is always the first thing on my mind.

Caroline deserves more than just a few date nights here and there. A woman like my wife should be the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep.

Maybe there was a reason I picked out the Ace of Wands after all.

“You’ve chosen The Fool,” the woman shared. This means that your present is all about new beginnings, optimism, and trust in life. Living in the moment and not overthinking the future is important for your emotional wellbeing right now.”

“I do overthink a lot. But, doesn’t everyone when they have kids?”

“Let’s have a look at your past,” she continues on and flips the central card. “Okay, the Knight. This shows that you’ve been fierce and determined. In the past, you’ve set goals and worked courageously toward them. Does that sound like you?”

Caroline looks to me, and I nod. She has always underestimated how much she put into the business over the years. Parker Airlines had been my dream, but from the day we said, ‘I do’, she worked tirelessly to help sculpt the company into what it is today. We were, and still are, a team, and if she needs a reminding of that every single day, I’ll be more than happy to be here for that. 

“Yes. I think if a job is worth doing, you should always give it your all. It’s what I’ve tried to teach the kids along the way. Our family takes great pride in their work and the accomplishments that come with it.”

“That makes sense because your last card is Ace of Cups. This represents emotional bliss, happiness, and attainment. It looks as though your future is a very bright place, Caroline.

My wife beams with her wide smile lighting up the room, and pride fills every piece of me.

Her joy accompanies my own. When you have a connection like ours, pleasure and pain are feelings and emotions we experienced together, and we have shared much of both along the way.

“Do you have any questions about your reading?” The reader looks to both of us, simultaneously shaking our heads.

“Thank you so much for your time.” Caroline smiles, then I nod.

“Take care,” I say as we see ourselves out of the odd-looking purpose-built office and into the street.

“How do you feel?” Caroline asks me when we reach the car.

“Lucky,” I answer truthfully as we enjoy the pleasant evening just standing there chatting.

“So, you didn’t think it was all a bunch of hog wash?”

“No. I actually thought it was very insightful.”

“Which part?” she questions with a hint of disbelieving.

“The part where I chose passion and sexuality.”

Caroline shakes her head, a light grin spreading across her lips. “How did I know you were going to say that? What about the new beginnings and needing to work less?”

“Work less and have more sex. It sounds like a great plan to me.”

“Harvey, I really don’t think that’s what she meant.”

“Damn.” I frown, and she chuckles.

“Shall we go to dinner?”

“Sure. But first, I’m taking you home. To bed.”

“Before we eat?” She raises a brow but doesn’t contest my suggestion.

“Correct. Before we do anything else. Your card said you need to live more in the moment, and I agree. All I’ve been thinking about since we stepped into that ugly little office is how much I want you. You still take my breath away each and every time I see you. The only thing I want in this instant is to feel your skin on mine.”

“Are you talking dirty with me, Harvey Parker?”

“I believe I am, Mrs. Parker.” She slides a loose curl behind her ear and pouts her lips a little.

“You know what this means, right?” she asks.

“No, but tell me. What does it mean?” I respond with a wink.

“I’m going to take you on more dates like this one?”

“Sign me up. From now on, I’m here for all the date nights in the world. No more cancelling dinner plans or showing up late. I love you, Caroline. You are the most important thing to me. Always have been and always will be.”

“I love you, too. More than you know.”

“Oh, I know. Trust me on that one.” I grab her hands and pull her toward me, connecting our bodies, chest to chest, and I kiss her passionately right there in the parking lot on full display, for all the world to see. She is my heart, my world, my everything.

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