Cockpit Series

Cockpit Christmas (Cockpit Series, Prequel)

Six hot pilots are ready and waiting for you to take off with them! Pack your bags and get to the airport! It’s time to join the mile high club with a brand new romance series starting this Christmas!

Caroline loves Christmas because it’s the one time of year that she’s guaranteed to have all her kids together under one roof. They’d been coming to their winter cabin in Switzerland ever since her first born arrived, and it became a tradition the whole family clung to. This year everything changes when tension snow piles from her middle son bringing his first serious girlfriend along and all of her other children expressing their individuality in ways she isn’t prepared for.

Harvey doesn’t do days off, he’s not the vacation type, but it’s been a tough year as owner of Parker Airlines. He is so ready to spend some quality time with his wife. Much as he’d never admit it, his relationship with aviation came before his marriage one too many times this year. He is determined to make this Christmas all about his family, yet Mother Nature has a different plan and disaster strikes.

Can the Parker family weather the storm?

Grab this festive, must read if you love heart warming Christmas stories with a sprinkling of sexy.

Take Me Away (Cockpit Series, Book 1)

What happens when a sexy workaholic CEO and pilot meets a spirited woman with a passion for helping pandas?

Liam Parker, the eldest of the Parker’s has helped build the family business to be the best elite charter airline service in the world. His CEO position is a taxing day in and day out job, leaving little to no room for anything else. He has never questioned the time he sacrifices to Parker Airlines, until Heaven.

Pandas are Heaven Samsons whole world. When she escaped the darkness that had become her life, she found refuge in the unconditional love of these beautiful creatures. That very love pushed her to move past trying times, build her self esteem and root her feet back on solid ground to become the strong independant woman she is.

Can two hearts so dedicated to what they love make any room to let in who they love?

Your flight on Parker Airlines is about to take off to China. Grab Take Me Away now and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Take Me Anywhere (Cockpit Series, Book 2)

When life as you know it ends, do you give up the fight or take a chance on a new beginning?

After almost losing his life in a horrific plane crash, Warren Parker locks himself away in a humble beach rental where he can hide from the world. As he finally makes his way out of the shadows and into the sun, he discovers that sometimes when you step outside of your own world, you find a whole new one is waiting.

Resilient and driven Ali Price is determined not to let her ex- husband take anything else from her. She’s been hurt before and knows she has what it takes to bounce back. With a water tight five year plan to get her life on track, Ali won’t let anything stand in her way.

When a stranger arrives in town with mysterious green eyes and a desolate expression, will Ali’s plan fall to pieces, or will a serendipitous meeting bring two healing hearts together at a time when they both need someone more than they care to admit?

Parker Airlines is ready to fly you away to beautiful beaches and exotic green rainforests. Download Take Me Anywhere and enjoy your flight.

Take Me Completely (Cockpit Series, Book 3)

A serendipitous whiskey with a sexy stranger, who is way to young for her, changes one famous country singer’s mind about everything.

Hope Carson is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Her touring life on the road is a constant whirlwind, and she’s more than struggling to keep up. Living the dream has turned out to be nothing like she’d hoped. When she’s offered a trip from a swoon-worthy pilot to go to Rome, will she have the courage to take a chance on a new dream?

Sullivan Parker is attracted to anything in a short skirt and heels, so when a mysterious brunette in a golden dress pops up in his layover bar of choice, of course she has his attention. Little does he know how much that shot of liquor will cost him. This painfully beautiful lost soul is about to demand his heart.

Will they take a leap of faith and let destiny lead the way?

Your flight on Parker Airlines is ready to take off to Europe. Grab Take Me Completely now and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Take Me Now (Cockpit Series, Book 4)

An unexpected kiss at Christmas has a professional skier wondering whether she was wrong about her best friend’s brother.

After losing her dad, Kaci Allaman never thought she’d build up the courage to take to the slopes again, and as soon as she does, she rediscovers all the passion she had been missing for so long.

Skiing is the one place Kaci feels in control of her life, but when she has an encounter with her best friend’s brother, life quickly spirals out of control all over again.

Since having his heart ripped out last Christmas, Mason Parker has merely been existing. When he bumps into Kaci again at the Parker’s annual Christmas Eve party, he is surprised to see that she is not the funny little girl he’s known since they were kids. She’s older, filled out in all the right places and might just have what it takes to give meaning to his existence.

Get ready for a slow burn, friends to lovers romance when the love of a lifetime is where you least expect it.

Pack your bags.

Your flight on Parker Airlines is about to take off to Finland. Grab Take Me Now, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Take Me Forever (Cockpit Series, Book 5)

What happens when you mix a biker pilot and a cupcake goddess?

Ivy burst into Jaxon’s life like a flour bag erupted in the room. Except, she is the sugary goodness of rainbow sprinkles, salted caramel sauce and exactly the opposite of what he expects. It isn’t the storm she cooks up in the kitchen that he needs to watch out for. It is the one she could create in his life.

Jaxon Parker is a risk taker, and Ivy is allergic to taking risks. Since she almost lost her life at the tender age of sixteen, she’s made being careful a lifestyle choice. But, things change in a heartbeat when she puts on a biker helmet and embarks on the ride of a lifetime with the person she never knew she needed, in more ways than she thought possible.

Will their trip to Vegas be a recipe for disaster or a chance for the sweetest kind of love?

Your flight on Parker Airlines is about to take off to Vegas. Grab Take Me Forever now and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Take Me Home (Cockpit Series, Book 6)

Savvy, feisty, and confident in their ability at being a single parents, why are these two billionaires wanting more?

Professional football player, Axel Bledsoe, has packages arriving daily but not the kind that show up in a basket with a letter and snuggle blanket. He’s not afraid of being a single dad, yet the potential romance with a pint sized eco warrior terrifies him.

When it comes to men, Shiloh Parker, has lost all faith in herself, as her baby daddy abandoned her after hearing that she was carrying his child. On a mission to prove that women really can have it all, she’s juggling parenting, the family business, and a sizzling crush on an athlete that has her questioning everything.

In a world where everything comes with a cost, can they prove that the best things in life are free?

Your flight on Parker Airlines is about to takeoff to Florida. Grab Take Me Home now and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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