Welcome to Kissing Springs Series

Scoring Santa (Welcome to Kissing Springs #1)

USA Today Bestselling Contemporary & Sports Romance Author Britney Bell brings you a light hearted, ugly duckling story with the geeky math teacher and small-town pro football hero.

Lennox had a rough time going through high school being picked on for being smart. So, why would she endure reliving the pain every day as a high school teacher in the very school where she grew up?

Nash had a total opposite experience. He was the jock star who went on to be the award-winning athlete through college and into his professional football career. Now, he’s returned to his little hometown, and all he wants to do is coach at the school where it all began.

Will walking the halls of Nelson County High be the same as ten years ago, or will familiar faces make sparks fly to levels high school kids could only dream about?

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Sunshine & Sidelines (Welcome to Kissing Springs #2)

Author Britney Bell brings you a second chance romance with a woman who’s never left her small hometown and a professional football player who lives in a big city.

Tobin was raised in a small town, but wasn’t afraid to go after his dream of becoming a professional athlete. Yet, his high school girlfriend didn’t feel the same way about him as he did her and refused his proposal to move off to college with him.

Nola was born in that town and will die in that town, just as her ancestors before her. She was always too afraid to venture out of what she has known all her life to truly live.

No matter how you think your life will end up, fate has her own plan. This time the plan consisted of crunched fiberglass and a hefty invoice.

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Bourbon & Blindside (Welcome to Kissing Springs #3)

USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance Author Britney Bell brings you a grumpy sunshine romance with an alpha hero who never thought he would be in this position and a fiery little lady whose personality complements her name.

Chance married his college sweetheart and was happily going on about life as usual until he was stopped in his track and presented a vanilla envelope full of divorce papers to sign.

Poppy just recently moved to town for a fresh start and was not afraid to jump right in by opening up a boudoir studio in a small town.

Will the flame that lights her bright path be stifled by his less than attitude?

Order Bourbon & Blindside to see if sunshine or rain clouds wins the battle of wills.