Texas Tornados Series

Perfect Form (Texas Tornados, Novella 1)

Boxed Set

Contemporary sports romance author Britney Bell brings you a fun, light-hearted, rom-com with the smokin’ hot Texas Tornados football team. This steamy, first in the series, read features the sexiest quarterback in the league and a massage therapist who definitely knows how to work those muscles.  

Rub me the right way.

Tyler Beckett is no stranger to pressure as the Texas Tornados’ quarterback. He’s used to the man’s world that the team has surrounded him with, but when his coach changes plays and sends him a little surprise to work with him and on him, it’s a whole other level of pressure. Suddenly, his back is not the only body part he wants rubbed down.

Jordan Shipman has built her business from the ground up, literally by her hands. Being an in-home service massage therapist has its challenges. Her biggest challenge yet, Tyler Beckett, and helping him get back on the field in time. She’s a little thing, but her hands pack a great punch. Tyler can handle a hit on the field, but Jordan has him moaning on her table.

Both are strong willed with a need for success. Will their personalities clash, or will they collide? Can they work together and achieve the success that they desire?

Outside Blitz (Texas Tornados, Short Story 2)

Outside Blitz is a fun, light-hearted, short story with a smokin’ hot Texas Tornados football player. 


No matter how many years I play professional football with the Texas Tornados, the city life doesn’t change my heart. I will always be that Texas guy who’s learned the value of getting my hands dirty with hard work on the farm, and I’m finally able to bring a piece of the farm to the city. Some people may look at this old truck as a piece of junk, but for me, it’s the memories that are embedded in each dent, scratch and chip to its paint. 


It’s a good thing that the family business is my passion. The hours I put in at work do not allow for much of a social life. With the responsibility of the business currently being solely on my shoulders, there’s no room to even think about dating.

See what happens with two busy people, one old truck and a highway of endless possibilities.

Personal Foul (Texas Tornados, Novella 3)

Personal Foul is a enemies to lovers novella with the sexy Texas Tornados football team’s wide receiver and a personal shopper.

Avery Little is a fire bomb who won’t be pushed around by anyone no matter their economic or celebrity status. Or, even if they are hot as sin!

Drew Elliott won’t get close enough to a woman long enough to make a connection. With his name on the back of his jersey girls flock to him, so he doesn’t need commitment.

When these two souls collide, literally, will they see past their hard set ways to either’s true identity, or will they just move on without another thought?

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Owners Club (Texas Tornados, Novella 4)

Contemporary sports romance author Britney Bell brings you the billionaire owner of the Texas Tornados football team who has a penchant for control in all areas of his life, but the doctor lady holds all the balls in her hands.

Grant Darling is a powerful businessman who doesn’t have time for dating. Negotiations and arrangements are strictly his method of operation.

Dr. Mazie Hard has a demanding responsibility as the leading andrologist in the world. She needs to learn how to escape the pressures of life, and she may have found just that when she lands on a multibillion dollar yacht.

Florida’s heat during the summer is extreme, igniting the flame of passion as two people meet.

Can Maize pass off her control to a man, or will she hold on to it at all cost? A decision has to be made before the keeper of her heart is gone for forever.

USA Today Bestselling Author Britney Bell brings you a friends to lovers romance with the Texas Tornados wide receiver and a bartender who has a tough exterior yet is bound by her dictator of a father.

Reed Anderson has been in love with a girl from afar for the last year, but he knows better than to say anything from fear of risking her being hurt from several angles. He’ll stick to being her friend, rather than not having her in his life.

Peyton is the fiery bartender at her dad’s pub, and he has one strict rule that must never be broken.

Will these two become closer than even or be pulled apart forever?

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