Florida Sharks Series

Take Me Home (Florida Sharks #1)

Savvy, feisty, and confident in their ability at being a single parents, why are these two billionaires wanting more?

Professional football player, Axel Bledsoe, has packages arriving daily but not the kind that show up in a basket with a letter and snuggle blanket. He’s not afraid of being a single dad, yet the potential romance with a pint sized eco warrior terrifies him.

When it comes to men, Shiloh Parker, has lost all faith in herself, as her baby daddy abandoned her after hearing that she was carrying his child. On a mission to prove that women really can have it all, she’s juggling parenting, the family business, and a sizzling crush on an athlete that has her questioning everything.

In a world where everything comes with a cost, can they prove that the best things in life are free?

Your flight on Parker Airlines is about to takeoff to Florida. Grab Take Me Home now and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Summer Break (Florida Sharks #2)

Author Britney Bell brings you a contemporary sports romance vacation hookup story with the Florida Sharks football team’s bad boy and a romance author.

Sonny Lee is the media’s favorite go-to football player because he gives them plenty of opportunities to take pay worthy pictures and write articles about. Yet, the team leaders have had it.

Deadlines are no joke for romance author Abril Harris, and this one has definitely put her to the test. When a friend suggests she spends some time at a secluded resort to get the task done, the words are flowing until a big, hunky distraction gets in her way.

Together, away from their normal lives, they seem compatible. However, outside of the resort, are they too different to have a true chance?

Order Summer Break today to see what happens between this unlikely couple.

The Nanny Fumble Recovery (Florida Sharks #3)

Contemporary sports romance author Britney Bell brings you a fish out of water story with the Florida Sharks football team’s rookie and a newbie nanny.

Madison is a small town Texas girl who knows all about hard work, but when she applies and is hired at the Practically Perfect Nannies Agency, she soon finds out she’s in over her head with her first client.

Cade is new to the big game of professional football. He is trying to keep his head down and only focus on his duties to the team and stay away from all the bad extracurricular activities that go on all around the league.

When the quarterback on the team needs a favor, the rookie is obligated to accept the task, but he never thought that the task would involve a pretty little blonde whose completely out of her element.

Order The Nanny’s Fumble Recovery now to see if this inexperienced duo will be able to survive all the newness they are up against.

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