Coaches Playbook Series

Swinging Kickoff (Coaches Playbook #1)

Erotic sports romance author Kandi Lane brings you a story that is so hot, it will burn the pages off your e-reader as you meet the sexy coaches of the Extreme professional football team.

This first in the series features the head coach and his wife kicking off this season’s extracurricular activities for the coaching staff by swinging their way through the rooms.

Eric and Gloria take center stage, but who will be the first to join them in their fun game of introductions?

Will all the coaches be jumping at the opportunities that are laid out before them, literally, or will some be too shy to partake in the festivities?

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Winner’s Claim (Coaches Playbook #2)

Author Kandi Lane brings you an erotic sports romance story with a hunky professional football receivers coach and a petite makeup artist that will do just about anything.

Aiden is adjusting to coaching at this level and the stress is overwhelming, but the perks that come with coaching for the San Antonio Extreme allow him to relax with just a few taps on the app.

As Dena struggles to say no to anything in her life, she likes to be claimed and told what to do, but Aiden throws a slant route at her to see if she will catch it or drop the ball.

Does Dena have it in her to go along with Aiden’s little game, or will they say goodbye before the season ever starts?

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